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The Office of Research Safety (ORS) is an activity of Kent State University's Department of Research and Graduate studies (RAGS). It was formed in 1995, to assist university research units in identifying and managing biological, chemical, and radiological hazards in order to reduce the risk of harm to University employees, students, property and the environment.

The goal of Office of Research Safety is to minimize losses to laboratory workers and property by developing and overseeing the implementation of comprehensive safety programs to facilitate the safe use of biological, chemical and radiological materials and to comply with regulations.

ORS is organized into three sections: Biological, Laboratory/Chemical, and Radiation Safety. ORS responsibilities include developing campus safety policies, procedures, and training programs in these areas, monitoring emerging regulations, identifying campus compliance requirements, providing advice and technical assistance to researchers and maintaining a liaison with Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies. Each research unit is responsible for ensuring its activities meet or exceed established policies, procedures and applicable regulations.

The Office of Research Safety has a permanent representative on the University Human Subject Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC).


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